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Why King Follett?

The Idea:

Who started the tradition of getting just one plain silver wedding ring? We came up with King Follett Rings when we were sitting around the BBQ comparing wedding rings. They were different brands but looked the same. Basic silver rings, that were all scratched up because of the gym or other activities we did. We wondered who came up with the tradition of just having one ring. Why one when it does not withstand our daily activities or even match different outfits? We wanted a new tradition. One where we have a ring for our wedding, one for work, one for the gym, one for church and another for going out. Whatever the occasion, we want you to have the right ring for it.

Rings were also expensive! My first one was $700. From going to the gym in was all scratched and worn down. The average men's wedding ring is $600, for just one! And can we honestly say we love just a plain silver ring? Now the first ever 5 ring box has been created with different styles of rings to match your life-style for only $300! Add to the experience of your wedding and your daily activities with one of our custom wedding ring boxes.

A new tradition to match your life-style has been started! 

King Follett?

There was a King Follett discourse given a long time ago where many beautiful things were shared. One was about a ring. There is no beginning or end to a ring. One eternal circle. A great way to describe your marriage. An eternal love that does not end. Marriage is special. Show it!